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JAIBHAWANI SWITCH GEAR & CONTROL's distribution network for switchgear products covers every corner of Gurgaon approved Stockists in Gurgaon towns.

We are offered the widest range of products serving all brands from all commercial & all Industry. After-sales Service is available through well-equipped Authorized Service centers. For enhancing your knowledge and technical skills, their Switchgear Training Centers located at Gurgaon and Connor conduct short term programs throughout the year. Our products are constantly upgraded to conform to current IS/IEC Standards

We have more brands like L&T, GE, HAVELS, SG, DOWELS, BHE, SEMANS, WIPRO, USHA, ANCHOR, ORSAM etc. All Brands are certified by ISO 9001. And their environment-friendly manufacturing plants are also certified with ISO 14000. Some of our products meet CE standards for safety for Euro markets.

Our Brands